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We all need support in dealing with life’s challenges, but sometimes just asking for help can feel as overwhelming as the problems for which we are seeking support. The task of finding the right therapist can be difficult. Who can I trust? Will I be heard and understood? Will they work well with my children and/or family? We understand these concerns and work to create a compassionate therapeutic environment to help our clients grow and change.

Whether you are looking to learn new ways of dealing with a behavioral or relationship pattern, or are seeking support for your child or family, we offer our clients a compassionate and supportive, yet challenging environment in which to achieve their full potential. When we talk with adolescents, we work to create a space where they feel supported and safe while also incorporating some fun! Our goal is to always meet each young person where they are both developmentally and emotionally.

We are committed to providing understanding, education, coping strategies, and support to help others find hope and healing for the challenges of life. Give us a call to see if we are the counseling practice for you.

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For many individuals, a psychological assessment or evaluation is the best first step in understanding and improving oneself. It provides an in-depth view of one’s issues and offers specific recommendations in overcoming emotional distress and improving in a variety of environments like school, home, social, work, etc.

Dr. Jones and her staff have a great interest and skill in assessing issues that may underlie psychological symptoms and difficulties. They pride themselves on considering all areas of functioning, including physical health symptoms that may mimic mental health disorders.

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Psychiatry and Mental Health
Medication Management

New Services!

Are you struggling in your daily life and wondering if prescription medication might help you? Do you want to work with board certified experts in psychiatry that actually care about you and  understand the importance of your mental health?

You are not alone, and that is why Canton Counseling is proud to now offer psychiatry services.  Our psychiatry services are personalized to fit your needs.  Whether inquiring about starting meds, changing current medication, or looking for a caring professional to oversee your medications, Canton Counseling is your place.

Don’t settle for anything less than board certified experts in psychiatry. We treat the widest range of mental health symptoms – anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, bipolar, and more; with all available psychiatric medications. For those seeking treatment for the first time or continuing.

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